White Label Nutraceutical Gummies

Hybrid Confections is a nutraceutical gummy manufacturer based out of Colorado. We have a state-of-the-art machine that infuses Dietary Supplements and other active ingredients straight into our gummy mixtures. We are able to achieve precise dosing in each piece to meet our customer’s requirements and we will provide COA’s with each order that will verify the dosage of the gummies where applicable. Our machine produces roughly 400k-600k gummy candies per shift and can run up to 3 shifts per day.

We are a 21 CFR 111 factory meaning that we are also able to use dietary supplements in our gummy recipes. We are working with North American Herb + Spice to develop proprietary formulas. Our first superfood formulas include the following: Calm, Sleep, Focus, Muscle and Joint Recovery, and Daily Immunity.

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color variety & flavor

*gummy bear mold option available upon request

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grape | orange | apple | caramel apple | watermelon | blue raspberry
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North American Herb & Spice

North American Herb & Spice are one of the legacy brands of the supplement industry. The creators of entire categories such as Oregano (P73,) Black Seed, Wild Chaga and more, they have a reputation as the industry innovators. They have an exclusive, protected supply chain where every raw material is meticulously analyzed and compared to all species and varieties to guarantee only the very best is considered. All raw materials are the highest food grade and predominantly sourced sustainably from the wild.

For over 30 years North American Herb & Spice and their master formulators have provided solutions to endless consumers. Their commitment to quality is supported by the guarantee of never using excipients such as magnesium stearate, anything artificial, GMO’s, titanium dioxide etc.

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vegan, non-gmo & organic options available

As nutraceutical candy confectioners, we offer gelatin or pectin as the gelling agents in our recipes. Gelatin is a protein derived from hydrolyzed collagen from animal bones, meats and connective tissues. When gelatin is used to formulate our candies, it creates a stiff, tough texture. Pectin is a natural occurring fiber produced within the cell walls of fruits like apples, grapefruit and citrus. Pectin, an ideal ingredient for vegetarian and vegan consumers, creates a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Hybrid Confections is a certified Gluten Free and OU Kosher facility. We offer vegan, non-GMO and organic options when creating our customers’ gummy formulas. These certifications will vary based on the ingredients or supplements our customers provide for us to create their nutraceutical gummies.

our candies + CBD

Using the CBD you provide, we can customize your dosage, color and flavor to meet your product specifications. Hybrid Confections is also capable of locally sourcing Colorado CBD for your products. The dosage and type of CBD (distillate or isolate) may influence the overall flavor and texture of your candies.

Distillate and Isolate hemp extracts are extremely versatile in the production of consumable CBD products. CBD distillate is composed of more than one cannabinoid and terpenes and holds a stronger flavor profile in the essence of CBD than CBD isolate. CBD isolate is the most pure cannabidiol on the market as it is composed of 99.5% CBD.